Domingo’s Angel – Jenny Twist

This is a beautiful book. It tells the story of an English girl, Angela, who comes to live in a remote Spanish village some years after the war. But it is not just her story, it is the story of the village itself, and all the people in it. Angela comes from a cold English city where she knows almost no-one; here, in the heat of the Spanish countryside, she comes to know everyone. Each person in the village has a story: some funny, many moving, some shockingly tragic. As she learns more about the people around her, she gradually becomes part of the village herself.

The book is written in a clear, simple, delightful style. It is wonderfully easy to read; many times, in the first half, I found myself smiling with simple pleasure. There is a lot of comic fun in the cultural misunderstandings between an English city girl and the Spanish peasants; and much pathos, later, as Angela learns about the tragic history of the village in the civil war. The book is full of moving human stories, lightened with a touch of fairy tale.

A lovely book; magical, a pleasure to read.

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One Response to Domingo’s Angel – Jenny Twist

  1. What a wonderful review, Tim. I am so delighted with it.

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