My marvellous new best seller

Well, well – wonderful news! (sort of) Just what I need on a bleak March morning in Yorkshire with horizontal snow zipping past the window in an icy east wind and Spring still sunning herself far away on a deckchair beside a pool in Florida and no intention of venturing further north anytime soon.

But the big friendly giant Amazon keeps on trundling round the world,  trampling on long-established publishers and carelessly scattering gifts to indie authors like me. How does it all work? Why does one book succeed and another fail? That’s a mystery – to me, at least – but a fascinating one nonetheless. For the past year, my legal thrillers in the Trials of Sarah Newby series, have sold moderately well – not fantastically (between 5 and 50 ebooks a day, on average) but enough to keep hope alive. But over the same period my historical novels have sold almost nothing at all.  Why is that? Who knows? Every month or two they get a marvellous review, and that’s it.  They’re just as good as the others, I promise. But no one buys.

Until now, that is. This week I had a 5 day giveaway for my suffragette story, Cat and Mouse, and it actually started to sell! Not fantastically, but for the past 3 days, like Cinderella at the ball, it has outshone its three sisters in the Sarah Newby stable. It even featured on some Amazon bestseller lists – I have one pinned to my wall, number 19 in ‘historical thrillers’, the same page as P.D. James and C.J. Sansom! How about that!

It won’t last, of course. Cinderella will surely leave the ball, and go back to dusting and cleaning and lighting fires for her sisters. But she has had her moment – she danced with the prince, and everyone saw her! She got some lovely reviews too – ‘I would give this book 10 stars or more if I could’! Thank you so much, Caryll Monument, KatieB, Lyndydaisy, Michelle Cooper – your words brought a little warmth to an area of snowy Yorkshire! The quiet celebration continues.


Amazon UK                                                         also available as paperback

Amazon US                                                         also available as paperback

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