Book giveaway and promotion sites – some fascinating facts.

In my last post I mentioned David Gaughran’s excellent book Let’s Get Visible and I learnt a fascinating new thing from it this morning. Here it is: If you’re thinking of promoting your book(s) via an advert, you can check out the popularity of the advertising site by looking at its Alexa ranking. I’d never heard of Alexa before but I clicked on it and it’s great – and free! So I spent the morning doing a little research on some of the main book promotion sites. Here is a table of the results:

Site                                   Global rank  US rank     US/UK %         Audience
Bookbub                           22,204              3,248            96/1                   Female 45+
EreaderNewstoday         31,801               6,770            94/0.7               Female 55+
Pixel of Ink                      38,042               8,060           88/0.8               Female 45+
Kindle Nation Daily        47,019                9.977            86/2.9               Female 45+
Freebooksy                     68,636              14,495           89/1.7                Female 45+
Authormarketingclub    85,374              17,438           66/4.6                Female 45+
World Literary Cafe      90,979              24,272           68/5.3                Female 45+
Free Book Dude          400,056            108,679           77/na                  Female 45+
Kindle Book Review    483,225             111,234           70/10                 Female 35+
The Bookbag             1,269,845                    n/a          33% US               Female 35-44

There’s much more info on the site but I think these statistics are fascinating. Here are few obvious conclusions.

1. All the sites, without exception, showed that relative to the general internet population, females were heavily over-represented in their audience. Not just any females, either, but females over 45! If I interpret it correctly, it means that most of the readers buying ebooks on the web are women over 45. (Alexa tells you something about their level of education and ethnic background, too, but I didn’t have room for that)

2. To me as a British writer, the third column – the percentage difference between visitors to these sites from the US and UK – is also interesting. Most of the sites are dominated by US visitors, with a miniscule number coming for the UK. (If you’re interested in readers from Canada, Australia, or India or anywhere else you can find out about that too) But it’s not quite so uniform: Kindle Book Review, for example, has the highest percentage of UK visitors.

3. On the other hand Kindle Book Review, where I purchased a banner ad this month, is depressingly low on this popularity list. Oh dear!

Well, there you are. Lots of interesting statistics. And that’s what I did this morning instead of writing. Hm.

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5 Responses to Book giveaway and promotion sites – some fascinating facts.

  1. Paul Pavao says:

    My Christian history site was ranked almost exactly where The Bookbag was, and it had over 1,000 visits per day if that gives any perspective. The same is true of my revolutionary war site. The connection between Alexa ratings and visits isn’t linear or exact, but there is some correspondence.

  2. Tim Vicary says:

    That’s interesting, Paul, thanks. Encouraging too – 1,000 visits a day is quite a lot.

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